AGROLOGISTICS is an European company

Dedicated to agriculture, operating in China, distributing equipments and services.

AGROLOGISTICS is providing comprehensive solutions for different industries

But only to company involved in agriculture or food and having business in China.

AGROLOGISTICS’ activities are revolving on three axes

What our services and products are


Our services are design to provide comprehensive solutions for

Mechanization, organization and management of agricultural productions
Distribution of agricultural machinery and consumables for agriculture
Agricultural production process control, traceability and food-safety solutions

Our products are agricultural machinery and consumables, all are selected to

Improve agriculture production efficiency and safety
Generate consistency and profitability

What our promotion farm is


Our farm is a promotion facility; to display products in the fields, where buying decisions are made

The farm is fully equipped for promotion, training, maintenance and external services
It is for our products, but also for yours, an excellent promotion tool in China

Our promotion farm is located in Beijing

Close to airport, railway stations, business quarter and exhibition centers

What agro-logistics is


Agro-logistic is not about transportation in agriculture

It is about agriculture organization and production management

Agro-logistic is a global management concept, based on logistic science

For our company, it is the guideline on which we build solutions