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To demonstrate, in the field, the efficiency of equipments we distribute or promote; we arranged, in cooperation with Beijing Academy of Agricultural Sciences, an agricultural machinery promotion facility.

The facility is a 130 ha farm, conveniently located at about 1 hour from the Beijing international airport, city’s main railway stations, exhibition centers used for agro-machinery trade fair, and city’s main business quarters.

The farm is equipped with offices and meeting rooms, large shed and workshop, open fields, greenhouses and orchards. Moreover, the farm is also equipped with 6 tractors of various powers (60 to 170 hp) representing tractor types commonly found in China.

Those equipments are available to showcase your products, in an environment where potential buyers’ attention will stay focus on your products, in the fields, exactly where buying decisions are made.

The farm is also the perfect place to organize technical meeting for maintenance personnel and or promotion agents working in different provinces.