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Logistic and Agro-logistic


IIt is the science of planning, implementing and controlling the acquisition and use of the resources necessary to sustain the operation of a system (Original definition, 18century by European military).


It is a global management concept, based on logistic science, and used to select, organize, and control the technologies and tools necessary to sustain and regulate an agricultural production process.

As production management system, the agro-logistic aims to control inputs, process, outputs and risks during agricultural operations. Agro-logisticians focus on creating flawless chains of actions resulting in the sustainable production, at the minimum cost and risk, of a standardized agricultural product.


A company and a trade mark dedicated to the distribution of machinery, equipments, consumables and services that are essential to Agriculture. The agro-logistic management concept is the guideline used to build services and select products the company make available, it is also the very base of production methods we propose to our clients.

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