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The Company


AGROLOGISTICS® was founded in 2002 to provide technical consultancy to farming enterprises and processing companies working with agriculture primary products.

In 2007 the company’s structure has being upgraded; a new entity « NongTianLi (Beijing) Co.Ltd. » had being created, in order to complete our consulting services by the distribution of agricultural machinery, equipments and consumables.

« NongTianLi (Beijing) Co.Ltd. » is a foreign-invested company (WOFE), fully independent, it is licensed to import, export, wholesale and retail any machinery, equipments and consumables used in agriculture.

Today, our structure allows us to provide a complete range of services; We can offer the “one stop solution” you need.

AGROLOGISTICS® firstly focus on providing services to :
  • Farming companies needing to improve production system.
  • Agricultural machinery manufacturers seeking efficient and safe distribution system in China.
  • Food processing companies seeking to improve control over raw material supply quality.
  • Large volume fruits and vegetable retailers seeking for traceability and food-safety risk management solution.
  • Local authorities seeking to improve rural development project

Company’s organization

Our team is organized in tow concentric circles; the inner core is a group of polyvalent technicians having real hands-on field experience; the periphery is a group of specialist providing updated information and network support.

Our organization offers consistency and flexibility within our field; capability to provide tailored solutions according to needs and constraints specific to each project or client.

Solutions are made available to our clients from one source, under one standard.

Company’s management

Pierre ADRIEN : General Manager

Arrived in China in 1994, specialist of rural development and graduate from Beijing Languages University. He is a former adviser to the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture, and adviser to the Fujian Academy of Agricultural Science for production standardization and food safety. He benefit from more than a decade of field experience in China.

Samuel LIU : Sales Director

Samuel has almost twenty years of field experience in agricultural equipment trade; he is in charge of our distribution network expansion and after sales service follow up program.

LEE Moonhe : Project Director

Arrived in china some fifteen years ago, she is in charge of our relationship with Korean partners and clients. Having a long experience of retailing business in China, she is in charge of our “Food & Beverages” project.